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Completely air seal your buildings window air conditioners and air conditioner sleeves. Significantly lower your energy consumption, carbon emissions, and utility bills. Whether you use gas, oil, electric or steam.



On April 14, 2011, the NY Times published an article, "High Costs Linked to Gaps Around Air-Conditioners," on Page 22 of the NY Edition, the Science Section, under Environment. It highlights the problem of both heated and refrigerated air escaping apartments due to the gap around air conditioners.

The report, titled "There Are Holes in Our City's Walls," estimates that poorly fitted air-conditioners cost buildings in New York City $130 million to $180 million a year in extra fuel consumption, which in turn is linked to an extra 375,000 to 525,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions." (NOTE: To read the entire article, please CLICK HERE)

Sleeve Sentry

Your Empty/Dormant Through The Wall
Air Leakage Solution.

Sleeve Sentry is the best way to stop air infiltration in your dormant AC sleeves. Simply insert the Sleeve Sentry and you have air sealed the Sleeve. 5 year warranty.


Your Window AC Air Leakage Solution.

The Chill Shield is a product that air seals your through-the-window and through-the-wall air conditioning unit(s) when not in use. This is a semi-perminent installation that stays in place with a removable cover. Just expand the product to fit over your entire AC unit, and affix to the window jam or over the sleeve. The Chill Shield eliminates air infiltration and the need to remove the AC unit during the winter season. 5 year warranty.