For The Sleeve Sentry, Industry Experts Reveal...

On April 14, 2011, the NY Times published an article, "High Costs Linked to Gaps Around Air-Conditioners," on Page 22 of the NY Edition, the Science Section, under Environment. It highlights the problem of both heated and refrigerated air escaping apartments due to the gap around air conditioners. It states:

"The scope of the problem is outlined in a report to be released on Thursday by the Urban Green Council. The report, titled "There Are Holes in Our City's Walls," estimates that poorly fitted air-conditioners cost buildings in New York City $130 million to $180 million a year in extra fuel consumption, which in turn is linked to an extra 375,000 to 525,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions."

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For The Window Sentry, Industry Experts Reveal...

Back in April 2011 Steven Winter and Associates (SWA) completed a report titled "There are holes in our walls" an in depth study on the tremendous heat loss accredited to air infiltration through in room air conditioners in NYC. It states:

This report revealed no proper device was available at that time to air seal window air conditioners and that there was indeed a need for such a product. SWA went on to say that "Despite the sheer number of applications in NYC alone an effective installation kit for window AC's in double or single hung windows does not exist" they added "Solutions that do not exist today are required to adequately address the problem"

SWA also pointed out in NYC it is typical for window AC's to be left in year round due to a lack of storage for said units as well as safety issues in removal and re-installation twice a year. Green Sentry Solutions listened, developed such a product called Window Sentry in 2012, and commissioned SWA to test the solution.

SWA, in correspondence to GSS after testing stated ”We are impressed with the result. Congratulations on developing a viable solution to a very significant problem in NYC and beyond" After testing Senior Energy Consultant, Sean Maxwell from SWA said " Window Sentry achieves the same result as if you removed the air conditioner from the window and closed it".



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