Completely air seal your buildings window air conditioners and air conditioner sleeves. Significantly lower your energy consumption, carbon emissions, and utility bills. Whether you use gas, oil, electric or steam.


Your Window AC Air Leakage Solution.

No more removing the window AC or wrapping the through the wall AC before the winter Season. Just Install the Chill Shield and start saving money.


Your Dormant/Empty Through The Wall AC Sleeve
Air Leakage Solution.

The best way to stop air infiltration in your dormant AC Sleeves. Insert the Sleeve Sentry to air seal the sleeve and start saving money.


When installed, each Green Sentry product saves millions of BTUs. It is with great pride that Green Sentry Solutions has saved billions of BTUs, and growing!

According to a study conducted for the Urban Green Council, approximately 3.2 million BTUs of heat are lost per-season, per-window or sleeve AC. Our products are designed to completely air seal the window and sleeve AC gaps in your building. Our solutions often pay for themselves in less than two seasons. Check out the Green Sentry Solutions Calculator to see what your savings could be.

What are you waiting for?

Our trained staff is excited to help you implement these innovative solutions so that you can start saving energy and utility dollars today.

Where else can you see a payback as quick as a single season? You can be proud to promote Green Sentry products at all your properties.